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Thrace Group groundcover fabrics offer exceptional weed control, eliminating the need for herbicidal or insecticidal sprays. Our ground cover fabrics are UV stabilised for long term exposure to the sun and groundcovers are available in a selection of weights, colours, widths and lengths.


As well as limiting the growth of weeds, Thrace Group groundcovers help maintain even soil temperatures. Groundcover woven structure allows water to pass through, as well as providing an aerated and healthy environment for plants to thrive.


Thrace ground cover fabrics are UV resistant.
Available in Black, Green, White, Brown, Black/White and in various patterns for improved landscape decoration.
Width ranges from 0.50 m to 5.25 m, broadening the applications` spectrum.
Available in standard 100 m rolls, in jumbo rolls and also available in mini rolls.
Weight between 90 and 185 gr/m2 for different application needs and requirements.
Easy to maintain and clean
Reusable over many seasons
Gridlines improve presentation and accurate positioning of pots and plants.


Greenhouses, gardens, nurseries and landscaped areas 

Groundcover Fabric Ireland