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Thrace Group mulching fabrics are chemically free permeable nonwoven mats from 100% polypropylene, with UV resistance for long term exposure to the sun.


Widely used in nurseries, greenhouses and garden centres, Thrace Group Mulching Fabrics prevent the growth of weeds without the need for spraying, while helping to maintain a clean, hygienic growing environment for optimized productivity.


Suppress weed growth by preventing sunlight from reaching the roots of weeds
Eliminate the need for pesticide and herbicide use.
Allow air and water to pass through and create a stable environment that encourages plant growth.
Can easily be fitted around existing plants, while they can also be pre-cut for new plantations.
Reduce erosion and have extended life span if covered with mulch or soil.
Available on demand in several weights up to 150 gr/m2.
Standard roll lengths: 50m and 200m. Also available in other lengths upon demand.
Standard roll widths: 0.80m / 1.10m / 1.60m. Also available in other width sizes upon demand.
Differently coloured surfaces: Side facing down - Black (standard) / Side facing up - White (reflecting sunlight to plants and reducing ground temperature - appropriate for use in greenhouses and farms), Green and Brown (suitable for gardening).


Greenhouses, nurseries, garden centres, gardens, landscaping