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Thrace Group manufactures a wide range of text webbings and straps for the Outdoor Activities, the Equestrian & the Auto Accessory markets. The ARNO range of text webbings with the unique ARNO patented non-slip steel buckles sets the industry standard for straps and ties. Being more than 40 years in the market, the ARNO brand provides both woven-in text and plain webbings to fulfil all customer requirements.


UV resistant
Text webbings can be produced from polyester and polypropylene yarns
Available in many colours and lengths
Wide range of customised colours and lengths, made to customer specification
Branding potential
Display packaging can be customised to individual customer requirements
Patented slip resistant buckle design in 18mm, 25mm and 50mm in both spring and cam version
High performance stainless steel buckles for automotive and marine applications


Car tie straps, bicycle tie straps, sail tie straps, luggage straps, ratchet straps, general purpose straps