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Extruded Biaxial Geogrids & Geocomposites

Thrace Group biaxial geogrids are manufactured from polypropylene (PP) sheets using the extrusion method of punching a pattern of holes, followed by stretching in both directions under controlled temperature, in order to reach the geogrid material's tensile characteristics. The geogrid composites are produced by heat bonding the geogrids with any type of the Thrace Group Non woven geotextiles.


Thrace Group geogrids / geocomposites can be used both to decrease the fill material thickness and to increase the bearing capacity of the underlying soil material. The apertures of the biaxial geogrids aid in aggregate interlock thus allowing for effective reinforcement and soil confinement. Geogrids can also be used to construct mattresses to be placed on soft soils.


Geogrid Tensile properties ranging from 15 kN/m to 40 kN/m.
Opening sizes between 25 mm and 66 mm.
Geogrids provide time savings in construction thanks to their ease of installation as well as cost savings resulting from the reduction in the required fill material.
Geogrids also fulfill a reinforcing function in the ground structure of cohesive, non-cohesive, and coarse grained soils due to their structural tensile strengths.
Geogrid composites also offer separation and filtration functions in addition to the function of reinforcement.


Roads, railways, paving, landfill, erosion control.

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