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A UV stabilized, colored needle punched nonwoven geotextile produced from 100% polypropylene staple fibers.


Designed to offer filtration, separation and erosion control functions. Used in many civil engineering and building applications.


Mechanical properties with tensile strengths from 5 kN/m to 90 kN/m, and CBR puncture strengths from 0.90 kN to 11 kN.
Hydraulic properties with water flow rates normal to the plane from 20 l/m2/sec to 180 l/m2/sec allowing for quick release of water pressure and opening sizes from 50 to 130 mm that accommodate all soil types.
Maximum widths of 5.4 m for jumbo rolls and varying widths based on client's needs.
Available in standard 100 m length jumbo rolls or mini roll lengths of varying sizes.
Weight between 100 and 1200 gr/m2.


In road, railway, and drainage applications. It acts as separator to prevent the intermixing of the different soil layer types, and as filter to allow the flow of fluids while preventing the passage of soil particles.