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A UV stabilized, high strength, high flow, black woven geotextile produced from 100% polypropylene tapes.


Used in many civil engineering and building applications. Designed to offer filtration, reinforcement, and separation functions.


Mechanical properties with tensile strengths from 42 kN/m to 105 kN/m, and CBR puncture strengths from 5 kN to 12 kN.
Hydraulic properties with high water flow rates of 40 l/m2/sec.
Durable and resistant to installation damage.
Width ranges between 3.81 m and 5.30 m.
Available in standard 100 m lengths and in jumbo rolls.
Weight ranges between 210 and 500 gr/m2.


Road, railway, and geobag applications. It acts as separator to prevent the intermixing of the different soil layer types, as filter to allow the flow of fluids while preventing the passage of soil particles and as reinforcement for weak soils to increase the load bearing capacity.