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Lightweight tarpaulins made from coated woven polyethylene.


Tarpaulins are made to protect packed bulk products from the sun, rain, snow, ice, wind and dirt.


Tarpaulin made from coated polyethylene, 100 + 20 gr/m² or higher
Tailor-made in different dimensions. Standard sizes: 10x12m, 10x18m and 14x18m.
Large variety of colours, white being the most common With or without eyelets
Tarpaulin an be packed in special patterns, making the covering of bag stacks easier
Easy to handle because of their lightweight and soft properties
Environmentally friendly - recyclable


Tarpaulin was originally designed to protect stacks of big-bags and palletized products, Thrace Group tarpaulins can also be used for other protection purposes. 

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