Thrace Group


Thrace Group has been converting polypropylene to performance materials for over 35 years. It has established a global presence through strategic growth, operating nowadays 14 plants in 12 countries, with a workforce of over 1.700 professionals. Its annual turnover exceeds €300 million, 75% of which represents export sales to over 1500 customers in 80 countries.

Securing enhanced logistics through strategic geographic dispersion, taking advantage of economies of scale due to the annual conversion of more than 100.000 tons of polypropylene and basing production on vertical integration with a total of 28 different production technologies from processing to finishing, Thrace Group offers its customers A WORLD OF MATERIALS AND SOLUTIONS.

The Technical Fabrics Business Unit is dedicated to the production of: needlepunched and spunbond nonwoven fabrics, polypropylene woven flat and circular fabrics, staple fibres, multifilament yarns and tapes, HDPE tape and monofilament nets, polypropylene ropes, webbings, monofilament yarns, vapour control layers, roofing membranes and specialty textile materials.

The Packaging Business Unit covers the needs of various industries, offering a wide range of rigid and flexible packaging solutions: injection containers, thermoforming cups, big-bags (FIBC), pallet covering/packaging films, container liners, FFS films, bags (PP woven, raschel knitted, heavy duty), 5 gal. bottles, bag-in-box, crates and garbage bags.

Focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly investments, Thrace Group is also activated in the utilisation of Geothermal Energy that has been located in the land of Erasmio (Greece). The newly built hydroponic greenhouses, heated by the geothermal field, produce tomatoes and cucumbers 365 days a year.